Innovation in the nutrition care of dementia

Improving the mealtime care for people living with dementia is complex. There are however many things that can be done to help support a person with dementia at a mealtime.

The link below takes you to an article I wrote for Network Health Digest (NHD) which is the UK’s only independent monthly magazine for nutrition and dietetic professionals. 

In the article I describe the background to and reasons why I created the Dementia Mealtime Assessment Tool (DMAT).

Innovation in the nutrition care of dementia

Online article link:
Innovation in the nutritional care of dementia (NHD, 2016) This article will explain the innovative approach taken which led to the development of software to help carers assess, choose evidenced based intervention and create a care plan to support mealtime abilities, by Lee Martin MSc RD. 

For a list of the references used in this article please visit the NHD website here.